State-of-the-art Manufacturing

Why do we manufacture our own products? Because we care about whats in our products. Equally as important, we care about whats not in them. We use only the safest, most effective ingredients the world has to offer, and avoid potentially harmful ones commonly used in many products found on the store shelf and sold in the MLM industry.

Most network marketing companies dont manufacture the products they sell. They simply put their label on a bottle produced by another company, formulated by someone else. Many formulas are often private-labeled and sold to several different companies. While they might be exactly the same or only slightly different, most often the biggest difference is the label and bottle they are put in..

But when it comes to making products for Tom Mower, not just any manufacturing company will do. It has to be one that can guarantee his products are made to the highest standards of his revolutionary formulas. It has to be one that can ensure his products are made his way, to back up the promise that his products do what they say they do. They must be able to produce highly advanced products that arent just great products, but are more powerful than anything the world has ever seen. Products that not only dramatically outperform every other competing product in the market, but stand in a class by themselves and deliver amazing benefits with incredible results way beyond the status quo. Products that truly perform at a much higher level, yet dont contain potentially harmful ingredients found in many other consumer products used for the same purpose.

But in the world of manufacturing, its difficult to find such a company. Thats why Tom invested over $100 million of his own money and set out to build the most impressive manufacturing facility on the planet. And now, with his brand new, massive 400,000 square foot nutraceutical plant, he can rest assured his products are the highest quality, safest, and by far the most powerful, unique, effective products in the world.

Theres nothing quite like it anywhere. Mere photos dont do it justice. The only way you can really get a sense for how incredible this facility truly is — is to see it for yourself, in person. From concept to completion, this giant, awe-inspiring facility enables Sisel with the power to produce the most powerful products ever.

Researching the Research

The moment construction on his new facility was under way, Tom went to work searching the globe for the most advanced staff of biochemists, physicists, medical doctors, and other specialists he could find. He assembled a dream team of scientists, to assist him in developing visionary new products. Under the direction and inspiration of none other than Tom himself, and headed up by his son, Tom Mower Jr., a brilliant biochemist in his own right with decades of experience formulating break-through products, he has amassed the greatest team of scientific experts he has ever assembled with one purpose in mind; to research the research and bring to market some of the most breath-taking scientific discoveries of our day.

These are product developments you have always dreamed of but could never get your hands on. Now you can. Because these are products like the world has never even seen before!

Once our unique formulas are fully developed, they undergo rigorous testing and evaluation before only the finest raw materials are procured and the manufacturing process is initiated. We deal only with trusted suppliers who are committed to our goal of not only avoiding potentially harmful ingredients, but also the toxic chemicals often found in packaging that can leach out and contaminate the ingredients in the formulations they contain. Perhaps you have recently heard about this growing cause for concern in newspapers, magazines, and on TV.

We know our products are only as good as the ingredients and packaging we use. So we use the best available, even if it means paying significantly more to get the most exotic, pure, potent materials in the world. And we avoid packaging that can alter those ingredients in any way. At SISEL, we steer a course far different in developing not only the most spectacular products the world has ever seen, but that many in the world have not yet envisioned.

Cutting-edge R&D Laboratory

Supporting his team of research scientists with the most advanced technology in modern science was the next critical step in Toms quest for product perfection. Only the best equipment money can by was carefully brought in and strategically situated in a beautiful, state-of-the-art laboratory.

Some of the most highly advanced scientific instrumentation in the world can be found in this amazing Research & Development Lab. This awesome resource helps our scientists build powerful, unique products based on real scientific substance, not rhetoric, hearsay, or mere folklore.

Our products are not only built on solid science, but are revolutionary and dynamic beyond imagination. Where imagination takes us, Sisels reality begins. This is where it all starts.

Massive Production Capabilities

From the way we strategically engineered our one-of-a-kind manufacturing floor to the vastness of our multiple production lines, our spacious warehouse, and meticulous fulfillment center, every major aspect and minor detail has been well planned and put in place to make this an efficient production machine capable of producing unbelievable quantities of what we firmly believe are the highest quality products known to man.

Its a good thing too. Because Sisel is expanding faster than any other network marketing company in history, and the best way to keep up with such tremendous growth is to own our manufacturing facilities outright so we can meet the high demands of our trusting and valued customers.

But thats not the only benefit to owning our manufacturing facilities. The biggest payoff actually goes to those who we affectionately refer to as our factory representatives; our loyal Sisel distributors who are able to receive higher-than-normal commissions because we save margins that would normally go to an outside manufacturer. These cost savings represent an important strategic advantage that enables Sisel to pay out the highest commissions in the industry. Not just to the big leaders, but across the board, making it the most fair, rewarding, and comprehensive compensation plan ever devised.

Everybody wins! Our customers get the absolute best products on the market. Our distributors get the highest commissions and products that virtually sell themselves. And Sisel gets the assurance that we are delivering on our promise to manufacture only the safest, most effective, revolutionary products available.